Welcome to Art Marbella!

Jill Ibrom is an established artist and has had much of her artwork published by three top UK publishers in the form of greeting cards, some of which have been best sellers, and her paintings and cards have been sold worldwide.

Jill taught for many years at the Frobisher School of Art and Lucy Kemp Welch Gallery and has exhibited her paintings in many well known London art galleries including the Medici, The Barbican, The Mall Gallery, and her cards have even been sold in Westminster Abbey.

Jill is extremely interested in Chinese philosophy and Romantic art, both of which have provided her with a great deal of her artistic ideology. She has derived much of her creative and artistic inspiration from the natural world, using colour and form to convey a feeling of tranquillity, most notable in her woodland scenes.

Her painted themes are wide and varied including Mythical, Religious and Spiritual subjects as well as Japanese water gardens. One proud moment was when a Japanese art gallery in Japan bought four of JillĀ“s water garden paintings that were on show at the Medici Art Gallery. She felt this was a great compliment as she believes the Japanese are the true masters of art.

Jill believes that when you take art seriously, you set off on a journey of the soul. You will start to see things differently as though you have a new pair of eyes. Being more observant allows you to appreciate the true beauty around you.

Presently, Jill is in the process of preparing her art lessons for the web and they will be available online at this site. The training courses will cover different mediums which she hopes will help and encourage others to take up the worthwhile pursuit of painting and enjoy a new spiritual journey that has given her so much happiness and opened the door to making friends and meeting like minded people from all walks of life.